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Poor Dear

“Oh, you poor dear, you can have no fun.”

“You can’t go with us to the club.”  “We can’t ask you for happy hour.” “You’ve given up sooo much to be a Christian.”    And     “… shh-hh, here she comes.”    The conversation must stop, because…. “she’s nice.”  

Poor Dear,  “look at the fun you are missing!”  because you are a Christian,  you will miss  the joy of having a  traffic ticket that reads, “Driving  while intoxicated.”

Poor Dear, you will not even get to have a pickled liver because of the effects of achohol…..And, when you “party”, you will remember, the next day – what you did and who you were with,. sans headache and hangover.  You will not even get to enjoy the comforts and good food at the local city jail.    

Poor Dear, You will miss the thrill of hearing a doctor tell you that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. 

Poor Dear, you will miss the “high” that terror brings when you learn they will do drug- testing at work.  And what about lie detectors – not 100% accurate – but scarey because  you’ve embezzled a little and lied a lot. 

Poor Dear, you will always have someone standing beside you, even when all others forsake you.  And imagine Dear, not even having the fun of lying awake tonight, worrying about your old age or what will happen should you die

Tell me now, who’s the Poor Dear?

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 A touch on my shoulder.‘”We’re home!”

The trip was so easy. I closed my eyes, laid my head back, and we were home before I knew it.

The miles flew by. What a way to travel! 

Imagine another  trip. Close your eyes.—Wake up! You’re home.! Open your eyes and what a surprise! Look, there’s Father Abraham! …and Moses!  And that must be Paul!—why, here are the saints of all ages!—with new bodies—and I am among them! 

Everyone is happy here. Listen! What beautiful singing!… “When All God’s Singers  Get Home.”

Now I understand the words of  the song.–or this song  “There is no darkness here for Jesus is the light. No sadness no tears, for God shall  wipe away all the tears” 

There is no pain or sickness or dying. —There are no good-byes.

What a brochure could be written for the local Chamber of Commerce here! —–but wait,— it’s already been written— with guaranteed promises!

There are many who are interested, but never actually make reservations for this trip. They simply put it off too long,  or  thought “religion”  was for someone else. 

We are going to “Wake-up” somewhere. We want to be happy in our new home. It will last forever..Heb l1:16   Isa 25:8 

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 Every grandmother cherishes serious conversations with her grandchildren. I loved this one. -“Mammy Verne,  why did God make dump trucks green?”

Four year old Leah needed a good answer because we had been talking about how God made everything under the earth, above the earth, and on the earth. My reply was, “Well,“ God  didn’t exactly make dump trucks green, but he made the wonderful earth so we can put together all the things we need.  A man can put together a dump truck and then make green paint to paint the truck. We use the brain God gave us to figure this out.” She understood—little ones can.

Have you ever stopped to think how long we could live without God’s gifts? James 1:17 tells us “that every good and perfect gift is from above.” How long can we breathe without air—a gift from God.  How long can we last with out water—rain to fill the rivers or grow our crops? How about life itself—- both spritual and physical? Do we thank Him each day? 

It was “they”— the uninformed — who laughed at grandson  Zane as he prayed in Bible class,  “Dear God, thank you for our brains!

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Ladies of an organization  may decide to raise money by having a “tasters luncheon.” 

You purchase a ticket which enables you to taste all or any of the prepared dishes.  If you like the taste, perhaps you would like to buy the recipe. 

Taste is one of the senses God gave us –one -that adds variety to our lives. Sometimes taste even saves our lives, should we happen on to spoilage.

Obviously we don’t all prefer the same taste. Some say, “Oh, doesn’t this pepper have a  good flavor?”  All I can taste is a burning hot.  We remember the way food tastes because we often reorder our favorite..  ( I well remember the taste of Ivory soap because Mama always washed slang words out of our mouths)  

Some tastes are cultivated . We need to be careful what we put on our plates —we might learn to like it!

Some have just tasted Christianity while others have fully indulged.

This makes it impossible to restore someone who just does not like the taste of living  in a right relationship with the Master(Heb 6:1-)    Peter writes, (2 Pet:3:20-22) telling of those who were saved, but as a dog returns to his own vomit, …they have returned to their disgusting taste.

Some have tasted  “that the Lord is gracious”(IPet.2:3). “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good”(Psa.34:8). “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth”(Psa.119:103).

They have experience with the Lord.

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184 ME

Was this a code, or what?

Marcene always included this at the bottom of her correspondence. 

At first I didn’t understand. Then I remembered we had learned the song on page 184 in our songbook. It says something no other song says:

  When you pillow your head at the close of the day,

   And you meet with the Lord in prayer,

   In the quiet of the hour, softly spoken in love.

   Just remember me to the Lord.

               written by Ruda and C.T, Johnson. 

 We all prosper both spiritually and physically if we pray for one another. If you know tomorrow is going to be a really tough day and someone pats you on the shoulder and whispers, “I’ll be praying for you!” Doesn’t it give you a lift? Doesn’t it give you strength? You know they care!

 “…the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”(Jas.5:l6) Prayer calls God to our aid. God listens when just one Christian prays. What if fifteen righteous people say they will remember you to the Lord — what if they send up fifteen prayers on your behalf? You will know it; God will know it; it will make a difference! —-so please-184 me!

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Be Ready!

It was in a large office building with no windows. 

The light was dim.  A boy went running up and down the halls, yelling loudly,  “Jesus is here!  Jesus is here!” We all went rushing out, shoving and moving along in the crowd, going through the double glass doors with bronze handles.   I could almost pick up my feet and be moved by the pushing mob.

At first, I looked frantically through the crowd, scanning, seeing faces, but not finding my husband. —Where could he be?– but— oh, well, he’s not my husband anymore.  Jesus is here.  Time is up.  We went out in expectation-to get a glance of HIM- —but he was gone.  Someone said He had gone to Australia —but He’ll be back. Such a disappointment! 

Then I awoke, but I wasn’t ready to wake up.  What a dream!

Maybe we ARE dreaming, if we think we are going to have a second chance. How foolish to procrastinate.

He has given us instructions on how to be saved.  Consider the book of Acts where so many people were told what to do to be saved. 

It will be a nightmare and not a dream if we are unprepared when He comes.  Jesus warned the people in Luke 23 that some would like for the hills and the mountains to fall on them rather than face the judgement of God. 

If we aren’t ready, maybe it’s time to get ready. He is coming again, to claim us.  He’s coming like a thief in the night— every eye will see Him; every tongue will confess Him.   Be ready!

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During the forties, dairy people fought a substitute product they felt threatened the butter industry. 

Colored “oleo” was prohibited, therefore housewives bought a solid chunk of white oleo. With it came a little package of yellow-orange powder. We took it home and mixed it –and VOILA! –we had colored margarine! This soon became a basic kitchen need.

When Grandma came to visit, she took over the job of coloring margarine.  She mixed it and chilled it.  When it was cool, she inverted the bowl onto a saucer and with her spoon dipped in warm water, she fashioned a beautiful rose design on the top. She was quite talented with her art work. Mama didn’t take time for such foolishness. It was a grandma thing to do. It didn’t cost anything, but margarine was always sweeter when Grandma put a rose on top.

Jesus came, not to bring social reform, but soul reform. In the process of molding our character to be fit for the kingdom, those around us may enjoy the benefits. Many people call these virtues, “manners.” In the rush of a busy world where PUSH and SHOVE are key words, manners shine like a beacon in the night. 

Colossians 3:12 says God’s elect “puts on tender mercies, kindness, humbleness, meekness, long suffering…bearing with one another.” It’s hard to have trouble with a considerate person!.

Life gets a little testy sometimes. Wouldn’t life be  sweeter if we could add a rose or a smile or a kind word into the life of those we meet today!

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My Tree

Surrounded by a beauty,  Unnoticed and unappreciated.

RED birds are redder in East Texas than any other place in the world —- skies are bluer than elsewhere.  

There is such a lot of beauty around us where ever we live in our Father’s world. 

I love to look at a handsome man, a beautiful woman, an angelic child’s face.  And one of the most beautiful things around is my tree. 

I don’t brag about my house, but oh, my tree!  It is 168 inches around.  It has a limb span of 90 feet.  It is the biggest tree of its kind in the county. (I have a plaque to prove it).

It must be hundreds of years old.  And if it could only talk.  

Maybe Indians camped beneath it.  

Or maybe a pioneer family picniced in the shade of my tree.  

Maybe even a cattle rustler was hanged from it.   My tree has scars from abuse.  

It has wrinkles from age.   It has broken limbs from the storms, but it has survived and is a wondrous thing of size and beauty.

We have lived in barren county where we had no trees.   We have lived where we had only skinny, spindly trees –but this tree is a work of art!

Thank you, Father, for my tree.

Truly said that “poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

And then remember all those other blessings that only God can give.

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 “Truly, as the Lord lives and as your soul lives, there is but a step between me and death” 1 Sam.20:3
The man David truly knew the fragility of his existence.  The king hated him and he was running for his life.  

Several years ago I noticed that I was habitually glancing over the obituary column in the local paper. 

Sometimes there was a name I recognized – older people – assuring myself that I must still have some time. Occasionally there were the names of much younger people, a discomforting thought – people  younger than I, dying…

David understood that a javelin hitting its target – or a well placed stone in a slingshot could take a man out of this world.

I too understand: Death is a mere heart beat away. 

We will not live here long.  We are living here with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. 

Is this depression?    I think not…..  


We need to work ourselves into a frenzy – getting right with God. 

We must keep a fervor to stay right with God. And then, fear not -, because ……

the banana peel WILL slip, and the heart beat WILL skip ……


———^———–^————-^…..and skip …….^—————^

…..and skip…….^—-^ —-^

……..and stop……………………….!