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Ole Buff

My Dog ran with the wrong crowd.   And shared their fleas and demise.

MY dog was gone, —big old lovable Buff. He looked like Lassie, the big sweet English Collie.

His food dish was full; he did not come home at night.

We called.   

We whistled.   

We hunted.

Next day on the school bus I asked, “Have any of you seen a big old yellow collie?” “Yup,” said one of the boys, “we shot one yesterday.”

My eyes stung with tears, but I didn’t let him see them.  I wanted my Dad to go down and whip their Dad, but he didn’t.

Dad said, “It’s a rancher’s right. They have sheep and Buff was running with a pack of dogs —assumed to be sheep-killing dogs.”

This is what happens when you run with the wrong bunch.  You find yourself doing what they do —even when it is wrong.

“Every- body’s doing it.”    You find yourself going where they go —knowing you should not be there.

“Everyone’s going.”  You find yourself talking like they talk; you know better. And people judge you by the company you keep.

“Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits”  (1Cor.15:33)

No doubt about it. Always has; always will.

Look what happened to ole Buff—assumed guilty and shot.   My heart hurt—Buff was dead—once again Dad taught me about life

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Worth Remembering

I am the possessor of a bright blue fiberglass bowl.

It is splashed with big multi-colored flowers with pretty green leaves.  

I use it continually. 

It came in the mail one day 30 years ago from a store in California that I never heard of, from a town where I had never been.  

It bore names of people that rang no bells in my memory. 

Inside the package was a lovely thank you note of gratitude.  It said, “Thank you for being good Samaritans.”

It was from two women with a car full of children —stranded on a long stretch of road in West Texas. 

Their car was smoking and belching steam and it was a l-o-n-g  way to town.  

My good hearted husband stopped and rendered aid.  We made room in our little car with the four of us. 

We added another six people with suitcases and various boxes, and off we went, talking to our new friends. 

Money was not what they needed.  They needed help and that was all we had to give. 

We never knew how they got our address, but the bowl came and it still kind of warms my heart to use my “Samaritan” bowl.

Some days everything seems to go wrong.  Nothing is right. 

We “stick our foot in our mouth.”  We think we are fat and ugly and have “bad hair days.”  

We seem clumsy and soon we are “down” on ourselves. 

Now is the time to pull out a memory of self worth.  Now is the time to remember that Jesus thought we were worth dying for (John 3:16).

Pride and haughtiness are ugly vices.  Meekness and humility are wonderful virtues.

Somewhere in between we need a reminder of our value. 

Everyone needs at least one blue flowered bowl.

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What About Me?

News Flash:  Astronomers have confirmed there are more asteroids out in space than originally thought. 

Yes, at any minute one may come twisting and turning through space, zeroing in on earth. 

If it strikes a populated area, millions will die as buildings crumble and subways crater. 

If one strikes in the ocean, a tidal wave will wash ashore, taking down everything in its path. 

A domino effect will go across the continent until it reaches the opposite ocean.  But—-what about me?

News Flash: A newly discovered virus, for which there is no cure and no vaccination, is in the news.   This virus is resistant to all medication and could possibly destroy mankind as we know it.   But———what about me?

Enemies have missiles pointed at the U.S. Nuclear weapons have now fallen into the hands of third world countries who are eager to try them.  But ——what about me?

Asteroids, viruses and missiles are not our biggest threat. 

Sin and Satan are much more to be feared. Matt.10:28 tells us not to fear those who can destroy the body, but to fear the one who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 

The world is held in place by the word of His power. 

We don’t understand gravity. God simply says “stay,”and everything stays .

The Spirits reveals that we must obey God’s every command.  

What about me?

A simplistic answer———— Obey!—-— then Trust!

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I whispered to our two-year old,  “Where did you get the gum?”

I thought we had done pretty well that Sunday morning. 

We sat on the back pew of the little church building in West Texas so we wouldn’t disturb anyone, my little ones and I.

We arrived in good shape. Our faces were clean, our shoes were polished, and our pants were dry.

Worship began. (God knows the effort it takes, especially when you are outnumbered.) I tended to the baby, bowed my head, and closed my eyes.

When I looked up, I saw that my two year old was chewing— and thoroughly enjoying a mouth full of gum.

I whispered, “Where did you get the gum?”

With her eyes dancing, she took her little index finger and pointed up under the pew where we were sitting.

She had discovered a treasure —–a stash—-wads of gum— Already Been Chewed and full of germs!

The only way to rid ourselves of a vice, a sin, or a bad habit, is to completely give it up!

The people in Acts 19:18,19, practiced sorcery and magic. They became Christians, and burned their magic books so they could not return to a heathen practice. Their example of determination inspires us to do whatever needs to be done to save ourselves from evil.

Throw away a phone number —- change jobs —- move to another neighborhood — avoid an old influence— “flee from the devil” because he wants your soul.

We must not shoot ourselves in the foot by saving “little wads” just in case the craving returns!

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 You are truely and forever gone, my dear.

Your soul is safe in paradise and the ashes of your body, scattered amongst the rocks.   

So gone – but not really, because of the memories that haunt me.

Memories that play in my mind every day, but go now, please, leave me in peace and live in the arms of  Jesus.

Wait for me there, my dear, for you are completely gone from us.

Only memories and tears remain.

Leave me, please, sweet memories.

Give me a smile, no more sadness for I know that you are completely and forever  safe  —and Gone.

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Who’s The Father?


This sign appears as a giant billboard on a busy highway.   

Too bad when a woman is so promiscuous that she cannot identify her baby’s father.  

She’s had so many sex partners it is hard to tell.  

“Let’s see— if conception occurred this weekend, it is probably his baby—however, if pregnancy occurred the next weekend, it is probably whats his name’s child.”

Or, perhaps you are the one wondering who is my father.

There is no doubt when you see a red-headed man, carrying a red haired child.  The child’s characteristics are just like his daddy.

Maybe there is a little girl with a cute nose—she looks just like Mama.

Or, perhaps there is no physical resemblance at all.  It’s your child! We have ways like our parents.

Except for medical reasons and a yearning inside of us to know our roots, the important question is not, where did I originate, but where am I going?   

Except for Jesus, we all have an earthly father somewhere and we did not choose him.  

Mom did.  We do choose one Father, however; we resemble the one we have chosen.

“In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother”(1Jno.3:10).  

Read John 8:43,44. Jesus says some are of their father the devil.   Elymas was(Act.13:10).

We must belong to one or the other.  We can choose the Father in heaven.  

This Father is a Father of choice – our choice – not Mama’s.

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In the early sixties the United States space program sent a man into outer space in a rocket ship. 

His name was John Glenn.

I forget the exact year, or just what was accomplished, but the whole world was forcused on the event.

I clearly recall the reporter’s interview.

He asked the astronaut all about earth’s beauty and the feeling of being in space.

He asked about the awesomeness and weightlessness.

He asked Mr. Glenn if he was afraid, and did he pray?

His wonderful reply was, “Yes, I prayed, but I don’t have a fire engine religion.  I don’t wait til I’m on fire to pray.”

Many people do wait until the tornado cloud hovers over them or until they sit by the side of a loved one who is dying. Then they are on “fire.”

They remember God.   They are in trouble.

Why should He hear us when we refuse to listen to Him?

We hear Him when we read His word.    We think we can call to God on a stormy day and forget Him on a clear day. 

When Cuban missles were pointed at us in the latter sixties (and probably still are) religion surged, but tension eased – and so did our religion. 

Friend, we were on fire the day we were born.

We  need him from day one. 

We have not yet taken a breath that was not a gift from God.

We don’t have a dollar in our pocket that is not a gift from above.   

We need Him desperately ……..

Sound the alarm…..and   “Let us pray”

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Trusting Again

We had an assignment to write an essay,  “My Most Embarrassing Moment”.

No one but the teacher was to see this paper. But we had opportunity to peek, —-and did.

 It’s been forty years, but I’ll always remember Bobby’s paper.

He said he was “downtown” on the square when he felt a scorpion crawling up his leg. His football buddies all agreed to form a circle around him so he could lower his jeans to see if it was indeed a scorpion.

They formed a human wall around him and down came the pants. After a moment’s careful inspection, Bobby looked up, and saw his friends— some already a half block away!

 It’s hard to trust people, once they disappoint you —or worse still, embarrass you. Friends and brethren let you down. Confidence and trust comes slowly.

So what shall we do? Shall we whine? Shall we become sour and embittered? —quit walking with brethren? Maybe we even quit the Lord?

Or, —shall we just “pull up our britches” and travel on? We might cry awhile, but then forgiving is in order.

Remember, we also have caused disappointment.

Lean even more on the one who said: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).

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Playing With Fire

 “Can a man take fire to his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? 
Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be seared?”(Prov.6:27,28)
These are words  from wise King Solomon, a man experienced with life. Solomon prayed for wisdom to guide the nation and his prayer was answered. He led the nation, but he was unable to direct his own life. His life was one of the rich and famous. He cultivated too many appetites, and played with too much fire.

 Children playing with matches seldom intend to burn up the family home. They don’t want to lose their toys and security — nor cause their parents years of work and worry.

 Entertainers perform with twirling batons; fire on each end, avoiding skin and clothing contact. Circus people do the same. Even they expect that sooner or later they will receive burns.They are willing to risk it in order to thrill an audience. 

 Playing with fire- is taking the first drink or drug—knowing the danger but doing it,anyway (Gal.5:19). 

Playing with fire is saying that my romantic ideas and roving hands will allow me to “stop in-time.”

 Playing with fire is leaning over the canyon wall to see how close you can get without falling –and breaking your collar bone 

Ask those who have been burned —physically or otherwise. It is much wiser to avoid the burn rather than live with the pain, the scars and the disfiguration left from the burn. It isn’t necessary to be a Solomon to figure that.

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 “The Bible class for interested females begins in five minutes,”
“The one for males will be next”
I shuddered at the way they announced these when we had Bible classes in the jail.
It seems so “stark” or “crude” to be referred to as a female or a male. 
It seems so unfriendly to be a hunk of flesh or a piece of meat.   
It says nothing of the person living inside,— the true person. 

There is a difference in us. 

A  “female” gives birth, but it is a “mother” who lovingly tends and nourishes her  child. 

A “male” may sire a baby, but a “father” provides and instructs.  

Just words, you say?    I think not.

What man wants to marry a “female?” Not many. Most would rather marry a “lady!”

This has absolutely nothing to do with social rank or financial standing.  It has to do with who we are.

The simple difference is the influence of Jesus. The plight of womankind has been elevated wherever the Gospel has gone. Life in any form is held dearer because His teachings.

Emily Post may tell us which side of the plate to put our fork and spoon, but this is not true refinement.

It is Jesus who can make a lady of a female or cause a male to become a gentleman.

Living by Christian principles, we become the most caring and mannerly people in the world. As we refine the person who lives inside, we are not only growing in grace, but we are well on our way to “growing to heaven.”

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Of All The Nerve!

“Remember the Alamo!”

Texans recall.  It reminds us of a battle for independance lost at the Alamo—lost,— but it was not the last battle.   

“Remember Job!” and Bible readers remember a righteous man who struggled and lost almost everything —but the battle was not over.

The devil killed Job’s animals, his servants, his children and grandchildren and finally took Job’s health.  Satan even influenced Job’s wife.  She said, “Job, curse God and die!..”   

Job’s friends sat with him, talked with him, and after so many days,  Job began to question God.  When God had listened enough, all was quiet —then God spoke.  What a reminder of our smallness and OF ALL THE NERVE, to question the Almighty!    God’s words, when read again, puts us in our place when we question.. 

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?          Who shut in the sea?        Who caused the dawn? —- Have the gates of death been revealed to you? —  Who has divided a channel for overflowing water? —- or a path for a thunderbolt? —- Can  you lift your voice to the clouds that an abundance of water may cover you? —-Do you know about the prey of the lion? — Have you given the horse strength? — Would you condemn me that you may be justified? —– Everything under heaven is mine –“ 

The discussion went on. Job then realized he had no right to question God.  Job stood the test.  God blessed him with more than he had before  

 We enjoy freedom and independence! — a time to question God? —- Of all the nerve!

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We sat down and ordered our meal, then sat back to wait.

In walked a family, with several extra boys, all the same age.

They were teenagers—all wearing baggy pants and baseball caps.

They ordered their meal. When their order came, much to my surprise, the boys took off their caps, bowed their heads and gave thanks for the food. I wanted to stand up and shout!  I have no idea what these boys believed or stood for, but their prayer told me a lot! 

All the news media shows us is the negative. They tell us of bad kids and gangs, etc. They pronounce doom on the younger generation.  We see our kids, who are good,—— but in walks these strangers in baggy pants. I am here to tell you that somebody’s doing something right. 

God destroyed nations when they became so evil even he could not stand them. He was willing to save Sodom if Lot found just a few righteous souls. He sometimes spared a nation if there was just a remnant of his people.\

As young parents, we did the best we could to rear godly children. It is so discouraging at times. The world is so against you and sometimes the brethren present terrible stumbling blocks. However, our kids  looked hard and found other young people who were good to be with.

Take heart, young parents. and do not be discouraged, for somebody’s doing something right. Maybe it is You!

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A promise is made on a wedding day—

for richer, or poorer, for better or worse,

in sickness and health, til death do us part,

and to keep myself to thee and thee alone.

Paul kept similar promises to the Lord. He said he had learned how to be content in whatever state he found himself. He knew how to be abased–and to abound. He learned how to be full– and hungry. He found strength; Christ gave it to him(Phil.4 2Cor.12:9-). 

Times of better, times of richer, times of health-all the good times are “pleasant-er.” Life is real, however, — and not aways pleasant.    Hard times come. Then we find the depth of our commitment. Will Rogers once said, “Hardship builds character.” Maybe this is why we now see a dearth of character. We have had it so easy.!

“They had a fuss down at that church.” “No one came to see me  when I was sick,”or, “They wouldn’t let me alone when I was sick.”  “I didn’t get any attention.down at the church.”   —Tell it to Paul, or better still, tell it to Jesus. These are just excuses borne of a lack of commitment. This is what the old  preachers meant when they said someone had left their first love. 

Remember how you felt when you came  up out of the baptismal water? You had just given your life to Jesus! .Remember your personal vows—remember your commitment!.   “Today is the day of salvation.” Today is the day to renew old vows —“til death, Jesus”    —and I hear a scripture- “faithful until death —and I will give you a crown of life—.”

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My Orange Handled Broomstick

From time to time my conscience goads me into an exercise routine. 

And I’ve tried them all.

We’ve had stationary bikes and rowing machines.

We’ve had a treadmill. 

It’s all the same—-BORING.

By now I know myself well enough to know the only thing I’ll do, is to walk. I walk in the neighborhood, just inhaling the fresh air, looking at the pretty shrubs, looking up at the beautiful blue, watching clouds moving, observing people leaving for work,  etc.  

However—-before I start my walk, I always pause by the door and pick up my orange sawed-off-broom stick. 

I call it my “dog stick” but I know it’s for man or beast —or giants —or monsters, or any other trouble I may encounter along the way. Why, I could fight off an army as long as I have my stick! 

It gives me great comfort. 

My grandson sleeps with a soft diaper in his hand.  Even our eleven year old granddaughter finds comfort in her soft blanket.  I find comfort in my stick. 

I also like words that comfort me –words such as: “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”  They soothe me.  “There will be no temptation greater than we can bear” —comforts me.  “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved”    I do–  I have–   I am reassured! 

Once again, I pick up my orange-handled-sawed-off-comfort-stick and go off, humming, “I won’t have to cross Jordan alone,” looking at the shrubs until my forty five minutes are up.

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When our kids were little, we had a rule..

“If you can’t say thank you,  give it back.” 

Maybe  the little one just wanted to keep his cookie or his gift, so he at least went through the motions. 

The hope was that habits were formed and manners cultivated.  A thanksgiving heart was the ultimate aim.

Each day we are overwhelmed with blessings, both spiritual and physical. We do not realize just how many of our prayers are answered unless we make a list of our requests—–to be reviewed  at a later time.

Have you had a drink of water today—-or a meal? 

Do you have a shirt to put on?

Are you  safe?  Do you have a measure of health?

Do you have love?  Does anyone love you? 

Is salvation in your grasp?   Have you any blessings at all?

How do you suppose Jesus felt when he cleansed ten lepers, and only one returned to glorify Him? (Lk 17).  He asked, “Where are the nine?”

What an ungrateful lot they were! 

Leprosy was incurable, and He healed them.  

Maybe it is a good thing the “give it back” rule is not a broad rule.

If we had to give back blessings we didn’t thank Him for….. 

I guess we would always be standing in the exchange line – giving back our blessings.