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DogCatcherI remember the man at the door. He was the dog catcher, with a cage on the back of his truck.

Mama answered the door. He made her cry. “Lady, do you love your kids or your dog the most?”

Spot followed my brother home from school one day. In “those” days no one had fenced yards. Dogs and kids ran free. We didn’t vaccinate either one.

We loved Spot. He was a big white hound with a huge big brown spot on his back – thus an original name. He lived with us for 7 years and became one of the family.

Spot played with the dog across the street. The man at the door told Mother, “I have come to pick up your dog, because the dog across the street has rabies.” Thankfully, he took old Spot away and we all cried.

Mother loved her children greater than the dog. She didn’t have to think twice where her priorities were.

Do we have our priorities straight?

Love the Lord with all thy heart
Love your neighbor– As yourself
Matthew 22:37–

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Just Half

soft-tear I was grown and married before I realized that I could have a “whole” napkin at the dinner table.

There were six of us at the table and my mother was very frugal, thus, the napkins were always torn in half. Half a napkin was actually enough and maybe everyone in the world used a half.

Often half is plenty –half a piece of cheesecake –half a football game –half a million dollars, etc. The queen of Sheba told King Solomon, “the half has never been told” of your riches.

It has been said that even half of heaven or half of hell would be endurable. I disagree, of course.

I want ALL the glories of heaven.
I want to see his blessed face and spend ALL of eternity with him.
The half has never yet been told of his love for us.

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She was ” middle aged” by the time I knew her.
Alex 4-3
She was unappreciated by her step children because she was not appreciated by the man who married her to raise his children.

She worked hard for her small income.
She lived in an old house, which was broken into several times, though she had nothing to steal.

The world would call her a NOBODY.

She gave of what she had–like the widow and her mites.
She was hospitable though she moved to a small apartment.
She walked with a bit of a limp but her character was straight and tall.
Her speech bore a little bit of accent but her words were honest and true.

Her life was a sermon, lived, better than preached. She was killed last week in an accident, but her life was purposeful.

She was a SOMEBODY!

Rest in peace, saint Alex.

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Hard Words

HardWord2 EDIT
I have sinned.”. The hardest words ever!
“I am sorry”…
“I did it”…

These are hard words of admission.

We have moved many times, and though friends and brethren give you a little “goodbye” party where there are hugs and smiles.

I find that “good-byes”are the saddest words in our language.

We go back and visit, but it’s never the same once those words are expressed.

We even tried sneaking out in our rented U-Haul without saying good bye one time, and though we lived out away from town, someone saw us….. We didn’t pull it off.

Try telling a dying loved one good bye.
The words are not hard words, they’re just impossible words!

I knew a wonderful old lady – a Christian, who always said,
“I’ll see you in the morning.”

I think of her when we sing,
“We’ll say goodnight here, but good morning up there.”

It’s nice to think about the joy of the morning where there’s no blindness nor pain nor cancer.

We’ll wake up at the feet of our redeemer where there are no more goodbyes.

There are many hard words that form on our lips,
but my goodbyes seem to be connected directly to my tear ducts.

so… it’s a “see you later”
or… “God Speed”
or… “God bless”
or… even a “take care”

That makes hard words— not so hard.

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It’s amazing to me, as I grow old, how a memory will come, from no where, it seems. They say the mind is a computer. One little thought will appear, like a button on a key board and up pops a memory from our memory bank.

When we were little our Dad would bend a spoon backward so our little hands could manage to eat by ourselves. There wasn’t always some one with the time to sit down and feed us.
Independence came first, manners came later.

It was such a ” rite of passage” when Mama told Daddy he should straighten our spoon back, like a grown person’s spoon.
It was so gratifying that we were at last, BIG and independant.

When Paul talks about putting away childish things when he became a man (1 Cor.13:11) I am sure that he wasn’t talking about bending back a spoon.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and put away petty hurt feelings and things that don’t amount to a “hill of beans” –poor heart conditions cost your soul as well as poor heart conditions cost your life.

It’s time to bend back the spoon!
It’s time to move on to adulthood.

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The Birds

Once upon a time there were two young birds, who recently left their parents nests.

These birds found each other and they were a perfect match.
They pledged their love and began their flight together and oh, how they soared together.

Sometimes a sudden burst of air took them down for a while, but they stayed together in sunshine and rain, and they took care of each other.

One day they said, “Let us build a beautiful nest, for the male bird was an excellent builder of nests.

They gathered weeds and grass, and even had a colorful flower or two.

Then the two birds had two beautiful eggs.
These babies needed to be fed, so the male bird always found some juicy worms.
He was a good provider.

One day,after the babies flew away, the old birds flew around to different trees, building nests— but there were no more baby birds.

The old birds soared again and rode the wind.

Trouble found the old birds and wounded the male bird’s right wing.
Trouble wounded the female’s left wing, so neither could fly.
What could they do?

They found a rubber band and banded themselves together.
Guess what? It didn’t work.
Even together, they couldn’t fly.

The birds were on the ground until one day a big yellow Tom cat found them.
He was delighted, for he had two birds to eat!

The Tom cat really enjoyed his lunch.
He licked his lips and thanked God for such a delicacy!

You know what?
The two birds were happy because they now could soar into the third heavens and they thanked God,too.

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Picture this.

Life is a staircase with landings and doors along the steps.

My first few steps were smooth and even, maybe because my hand was covered and supported by a strong woman’s hand.

The steps became uneven, craggy, hard to mount, because I was alone.

They became smoother and more even again. There was a strong partner, now, holding my hand.
The steps were often hard to mount, but we took the steps together.
Sometimes they were nearly impossible, but he held my hand, ever so tightly, and we climbed together.
I see the bright light now at the top of the stairs, and I see now as I look down, that so many doors were closed for me!

That door that glows with heat was closed.
My Jesus went ahead of us and closed the door of hell for us.

HALLELUJAH—What a Savior

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Lessons From An Ostrich

“Are you a man or a mouse?”

These are words often used to challenge a man to stand up to his potential.

While reading Job 39, I wondered, “Am I a mother, or a bird?”

Job and his friends sat for days, philosophizing as to why Job’s world had collapsed.
God listened to this folly long enough to become angry, then challenged Job’s thinking.

Job 39:13-17 tells us what careless mothers the ostrich are! “The wings of the ostrich wave proudly… She leaves her eggs on the ground..she forgets that a foot may crush them or a beast may break them. She treats her young harshly, as though they were not hers-her labor is in vain, without concern–because God deprived her of wisdom…”

Are we no better than the ostrich? Are we devoid of wisdom? Do we protect from those who would devour their minds and bodies? Do we train? Do we develop their character, such as truth and honesty?

Teach the child to work, no one owes them anything.

Teach the child respect. Ex 21:15 “He that smiteth his father or mother shall be put to death.”

There should be a difference in the way a child speaks to the family dog and his mother!( or anyone else) When we teach children boundaries and give the discipline they cry out for, we are performing our God-given roles.

Shore up–are you a mother or an ostrich?

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Granddad needed to mow about 4 acres, in and around the trees, back and forth with his trusted John Deere riding mower.

It was a lot easier these days.

He remembered push mowers, so even though it was awfully hot, he really didn’t mind mowing.

My little son loved riding on the mower with J.D.  He loved doing anything with his grandpa, but it was awfully hot! 

His suggestion still gives us a chuckle, remembering J.D.’s laugh at the young one’s comment of, “Couldn’t we just mow the shade?”

We are a little spoiled at doing things the easy way, and why not? 

I can just imagine our fore-bearers being aghast at our “softness.”  We just go berserk if the a/c goes out or if the refrigerator ice maker doesn’t work.

We really should take a look at ourselves and laugh–or cry.

I remember when we went to worship and there was no a/c–just cardboard fans donated by a funeral home.

There was no in-door bathroom or cry room.

I remember when kids behaved at worship, or they were taken outside and “corrected”as a parent deemed necessary. 

We can’t always “mow in the shade.”

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It’s Mother’s day in South Texas, 1940’s.

Dad goes out to the yard, to Mother’s flower beds where he selects flowers for us to wear, in lapels or with safety pins, to church.

Mom gets a white one because her mother is not living. 

Dad selects a red one and we kids get red — our mother’s are alive.

Dad did this every year and I wonder if this tradition was only dad’s or did this tradition just go away? 

I believe them when they say the mind is like a computer, with many “bytes” — and with just a little switch, visions and memories come flooding  back into the mind. 

Maybe today, I shall wear 2 red roses. 

One for Mother, for she IS living– with a risen savior, a LIVING one.

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 I guess I am a romantic at heart.

I seem to TRY to put a happy spin on things. This may be a good thing –or not.

I get up in the mornings and walk my 2 miles before I start my day.

My husband does not share this walk. 

One day, as I  rounded the corner,  I looked up to see a man approaching.

He walked like Joe, was built like Joe. It WAS Joe! 

What a welcome sight.

He had come to meet me.  Before he got to me, I had a feeling— of surprise–of love- of unexpected joy.

My thoughts were, “Is this what will happen when I’m almost home, and the angels come to meet me, to guide me over to the other side?”.

Maybe not.  I AM a romantist and such a comfort I find, sometimes, in small events.

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 You offered me a pure heart.  

   I gave back a sinful heart.

You offered me peace.  

   I brought you my troubles.

You offered me grace.  

   I gave back criticism.

You offered me assurance.  

   I said,  “Help my unbelief.”

You gave me the gift of salvation.  

   I gave you a small portion of my money.

You offered your Son.  

   I give back a faulty life.

You offer eternal heaven.  

   I offer an hour of remembrance on Sunday morning.


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The Light

The night is dark.  Creepy things crawl in the night. 

Things go bump in the night.  

And everything seems exaggerated at night

– Sickness is worse

– throats are sorer

– fever goes up

– pain throbs harder.

In the night, loneliness is more acute,  heart aches are more painful,  more tears are shed in the night than in daylight.

Lots of things are hidden by the night. 

My house looks cleaner at night. The dust cannot be seen; the windows look clean.

But when the sun shines through, all the hidden things are revealed.

Crime is up at night.  Things are done in the night that would never be done in daylight.

Things are not seen in the dark as they really are.  Honky-tonks really look grubby in morning’s light!

Jesus is the light.

Without Him we are in darkness.

Without Him there is no true comfort or hope.

Life without Him is vain, empty.

Jesus comes into our life, and  “We are called out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1Pet.2:9)

Evil cannot exist where the Light is; He expels the darkness of evil and fills us with the light of righteousness. 

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life” (Jno.8:12).

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Old Blue Eyes sang, “Regrets, I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention.”

Regrets are scratchy name tags in the back of a shirt irritating the nape of your neck.

Regrets are bitter pills  stuck in your throat dissolving so slowly.

Regrets are a  “forgive  me” or “I’m sorry” never said to one now gone.

Regrets are “You never mentioned Him to me” or “knowing to do good and doing it not”.

Regrets are wasted years and failing to serve Jesus in your young  days.

Regrets are neglected   children, now grown —- or ignored elderly parents now dead.

Treating our family with consideration and love today, being a good neighbor today, dealing fairly with our fellow man today,  serving Jesus today is  “preventable regret” — easy to live with — and so easy to die with.   

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Boys Will Be Boys

The little boy’s essay on the frog went like this:

What a wonderful bird the frog are.

When he laugh, he cry — almost.

When he stand, he sit — almost

He ain’t got no sense hardly;

He ain’t got no tail hardly either

And when he sit, he sit on what he

     ain’t got —- almost.

God’s kingdom is a vineyard – a working place. No retirement plan is provided for workers this side of death. 

Yet I’ve heard that many Christians are just sitting back and resting on their past laurels.

I wonder if they know about the frog —- if they sit on what they ain’t got — almost.

“ careful to maintain good works” (Tit.3:8).