Sep 4, 2012 - Ponderin'    Comments Off on MOWIN IN THE SHADE


Granddad needed to mow about 4 acres, in and around the trees, back and forth with his trusted John Deere riding mower.

It was a lot easier these days.

He remembered push mowers, so even though it was awfully hot, he really didn’t mind mowing.

My little son loved riding on the mower with J.D.  He loved doing anything with his grandpa, but it was awfully hot! 

His suggestion still gives us a chuckle, remembering J.D.’s laugh at the young one’s comment of, “Couldn’t we just mow the shade?”

We are a little spoiled at doing things the easy way, and why not? 

I can just imagine our fore-bearers being aghast at our “softness.”  We just go berserk if the a/c goes out or if the refrigerator ice maker doesn’t work.

We really should take a look at ourselves and laugh–or cry.

I remember when we went to worship and there was no a/c–just cardboard fans donated by a funeral home.

There was no in-door bathroom or cry room.

I remember when kids behaved at worship, or they were taken outside and “corrected”as a parent deemed necessary. 

We can’t always “mow in the shade.”

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