Sep 4, 2012 - Ponderin'    1 Comment


It’s Mother’s day in South Texas, 1940’s.

Dad goes out to the yard, to Mother’s flower beds where he selects flowers for us to wear, in lapels or with safety pins, to church.

Mom gets a white one because her mother is not living. 

Dad selects a red one and we kids get red — our mother’s are alive.

Dad did this every year and I wonder if this tradition was only dad’s or did this tradition just go away? 

I believe them when they say the mind is like a computer, with many “bytes” — and with just a little switch, visions and memories come flooding  back into the mind. 

Maybe today, I shall wear 2 red roses. 

One for Mother, for she IS living– with a risen savior, a LIVING one.

1 Comment

  • As a young girl, I didn’t have the chance to know my grandparents as they passed early in my life as well as my father passed in my late 20’s; however, I found God knows our needs as He gave me you and Joe. What a treasure you offer in your words. Our generation needs more “Ponderin”.