Apr 16, 2011 - Rememberin'    2 Comments


 You are truely and forever gone, my dear.

Your soul is safe in paradise and the ashes of your body, scattered amongst the rocks.   

So gone – but not really, because of the memories that haunt me.

Memories that play in my mind every day, but go now, please, leave me in peace and live in the arms of  Jesus.

Wait for me there, my dear, for you are completely gone from us.

Only memories and tears remain.

Leave me, please, sweet memories.

Give me a smile, no more sadness for I know that you are completely and forever  safe  —and Gone.


  • My dear friend and neighbor,Lavern,Several days after successful cataract surgery,I’m able to read all your wonderful posts. Yes, I could see you in all of them! I liked the one about Joe coming around the corner to meet you. It reminded me of the good walks/talks that we once had together. I saved this one for last because I knew what it was.I’ve dried the tears and smiling about the pleasure of just knowing you, the wonderful, Christian Lavern. Thanks, Chris, for making this possible and to Ginger for passing it on to me. You and Joe will always be special to me. Love, Vonnie

  • What wonderful words and thoughts!! Am so glad Chris sent this to me – will forward it onto Marg, Austine and Vonnie. Did not know you had this talent, and what a lasting legacy for your family!!
    My love to you both,