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DogCatcherI remember the man at the door. He was the dog catcher, with a cage on the back of his truck.

Mama answered the door. He made her cry. “Lady, do you love your kids or your dog the most?”

Spot followed my brother home from school one day. In “those” days no one had fenced yards. Dogs and kids ran free. We didn’t vaccinate either one.

We loved Spot. He was a big white hound with a huge big brown spot on his back – thus an original name. He lived with us for 7 years and became one of the family.

Spot played with the dog across the street. The man at the door told Mother, “I have come to pick up your dog, because the dog across the street has rabies.” Thankfully, he took old Spot away and we all cried.

Mother loved her children greater than the dog. She didn’t have to think twice where her priorities were.

Do we have our priorities straight?

Love the Lord with all thy heart
Love your neighbor– As yourself
Matthew 22:37–

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