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Hard Words

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I have sinned.”. The hardest words ever!
“I am sorry”…
“I did it”…

These are hard words of admission.

We have moved many times, and though friends and brethren give you a little “goodbye” party where there are hugs and smiles.

I find that “good-byes”are the saddest words in our language.

We go back and visit, but it’s never the same once those words are expressed.

We even tried sneaking out in our rented U-Haul without saying good bye one time, and though we lived out away from town, someone saw us….. We didn’t pull it off.

Try telling a dying loved one good bye.
The words are not hard words, they’re just impossible words!

I knew a wonderful old lady – a Christian, who always said,
“I’ll see you in the morning.”

I think of her when we sing,
“We’ll say goodnight here, but good morning up there.”

It’s nice to think about the joy of the morning where there’s no blindness nor pain nor cancer.

We’ll wake up at the feet of our redeemer where there are no more goodbyes.

There are many hard words that form on our lips,
but my goodbyes seem to be connected directly to my tear ducts.

so… it’s a “see you later”
or… “God Speed”
or… “God bless”
or… even a “take care”

That makes hard words— not so hard.

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