Apr 9, 2013 - Ponderin'    Comments Off on BENDIN’ BACK THE SPOON


It’s amazing to me, as I grow old, how a memory will come, from no where, it seems. They say the mind is a computer. One little thought will appear, like a button on a key board and up pops a memory from our memory bank.

When we were little our Dad would bend a spoon backward so our little hands could manage to eat by ourselves. There wasn’t always some one with the time to sit down and feed us.
Independence came first, manners came later.

It was such a ” rite of passage” when Mama told Daddy he should straighten our spoon back, like a grown person’s spoon.
It was so gratifying that we were at last, BIG and independant.

When Paul talks about putting away childish things when he became a man (1 Cor.13:11) I am sure that he wasn’t talking about bending back a spoon.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and put away petty hurt feelings and things that don’t amount to a “hill of beans” –poor heart conditions cost your soul as well as poor heart conditions cost your life.

It’s time to bend back the spoon!
It’s time to move on to adulthood.

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