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The Birds

Once upon a time there were two young birds, who recently left their parents nests.

These birds found each other and they were a perfect match.
They pledged their love and began their flight together and oh, how they soared together.

Sometimes a sudden burst of air took them down for a while, but they stayed together in sunshine and rain, and they took care of each other.

One day they said, “Let us build a beautiful nest, for the male bird was an excellent builder of nests.

They gathered weeds and grass, and even had a colorful flower or two.

Then the two birds had two beautiful eggs.
These babies needed to be fed, so the male bird always found some juicy worms.
He was a good provider.

One day,after the babies flew away, the old birds flew around to different trees, building nests— but there were no more baby birds.

The old birds soared again and rode the wind.

Trouble found the old birds and wounded the male bird’s right wing.
Trouble wounded the female’s left wing, so neither could fly.
What could they do?

They found a rubber band and banded themselves together.
Guess what? It didn’t work.
Even together, they couldn’t fly.

The birds were on the ground until one day a big yellow Tom cat found them.
He was delighted, for he had two birds to eat!

The Tom cat really enjoyed his lunch.
He licked his lips and thanked God for such a delicacy!

You know what?
The two birds were happy because they now could soar into the third heavens and they thanked God,too.

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