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Picture this.

Life is a staircase with landings and doors along the steps.

My first few steps were smooth and even, maybe because my hand was covered and supported by a strong woman’s hand.

The steps became uneven, craggy, hard to mount, because I was alone.

They became smoother and more even again. There was a strong partner, now, holding my hand.
The steps were often hard to mount, but we took the steps together.
Sometimes they were nearly impossible, but he held my hand, ever so tightly, and we climbed together.
I see the bright light now at the top of the stairs, and I see now as I look down, that so many doors were closed for me!

That door that glows with heat was closed.
My Jesus went ahead of us and closed the door of hell for us.

HALLELUJAH—What a Savior

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