About “Ponderin”Writer

Born in ’37, grew up in South Texas at the end of the great depression, during WW2,

survived the Polio epidemic, and rationing of nylons, sugar, gasoline, shoes, etc.


 “Finished” growing up in the beautiful Texas hill country.

  My mother never knew hard times were over, as she was naturally a frugal person.   

  My dad was my hero- my brothers and sister, I cherished.  I had a good life,surrounded by good people.

We loved God and each other.  What more could a child really want?

I am by no means an old lady!

I never picked cotton or was work–or physically –abused— but I  am an observer.

As I’ve walked through this life, I’ve known a lot of people and done a lot of things. 

I met my one and only love and we’ve shared every step of life together,

  with the exception of my first 18 years, with never a regret, even when storm clouds gathered.  

  We continue on.